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Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri

A Survey of the Hadith:

Happy People are Born in Happiness …

It is related from the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him: Happy People are born in Happiness and the Unhappy are Born in Unhappiness (to be translated literally: Happy is happy whilst he/she is in his/her mother's womb and … )
Pointing to the sources of this hadith and its reliability, the author of the present paper analyzes the above mentioned hadith and provides four meanings for it and at the end chooses the first meaning.
Key words: Happiness, Unhappiness, Hadith Analysis.

Karam Syavashi

A Review of Narrative Tafsir in Fi Zilal-i al-Quran

Although narrative exegesis is one of the most profitable method of exegesis and plays a unique role in this regard, since it is not an easy task to separate reliable and sound hadith from unreliable and fabricated one, its use may lead to views which are contrary to the spirit and intend of the Quran. The writer of the present paper tries to demonstrate the strong points and necessities of this kind of tafsir in Fi Zilal al-Quran which is regarded as the greatest tafsir among the contemporary tafsirs.
Key words: The Quranic Sciences, Exegetical Methods, Narrative Exegisis, Fi Zilal al-Quran, Sayyid Qutb.

Kamal Sahraei Ardakani

The Relationship between History and Hadith among Muslims

The science of history, among the Arabs in the age of ignorance, had been muddled up with myth and superstition. This principle of human knowledge was centered around the character of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him in early stages of Islamic development and gradually turned into an independent science with different structures and categories. At the beginning, hadith was considered as part of history and narrated in the same way. For this reason some hadith collections have reported events of the early Islam, especially personality and biography of the holy Prophet, peace be upon him, along with fiqhi (jurisprudential) and tafsiri (exegetical) hadiths.
Without doubt, Islamic historiography is indebted to hadith in its origin. Therefore there is a profound relationship between them. Of course, hadith has made advantage of this relationship. Historical knowledge has been of high importance in evaluating the strength and weakness points of hadith reporters (which is the base of Rijal science) and also in explaining, understanding and analyzing hadith texts and sources.
After explaining the concept of hadith and history, the author of the present paper deals with the origin and development of Islamic historiography and then clarifies the existing relationship between them their interactions.
Key words: History, Hadith, Islamic historiography, Relationship between Hadith and History.

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