Sharh Hadith Junud Aql wa Jahl at a Glonce

Ali Nasiri

Mentioning ‘aql 'intellect' and jahl 'ignorance', Imam al-Sadiq asked his companions to khow the hosts of ‘aql and jahl in order to get directed to the right path. One of them requested him to introduce them. He then, after giving an introductory remark, mentioned seventy-five hosts for each of them. After writing Sharh Chihil Hadith, Imam Komeini started writing a commentary on the junud-i-aql-wa-jahl hadith. In it, he considers ulema's customary practice in moral education insufficient; instead, he regards that the main goal of all hadiths is to purify human souls. In the article, the book in question is viewed from various perspedctives in order for the audience to become acquinted with it.

Key Word: Commentary on the Junud-i Aql wa Jahl, Intellect, Ignorance.

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