Abrogation in the Quran: Theory Analysis of Ahl al-Bayt’s Hadiths

Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri

Naskh (Abrogation) in the Quran is one of the controversial issues of the Quranic Studies. Its nature, features, examples and issues have provoked widespread debate in the Quranic Studies. The product of these discussions affects, directly or indirectly, the sciences such as jurisprudence and exegesis of the Holy Quran.Recognition of abrogation theory of Ahl al-Bayt’s Hadiths, its concept and scope, along with answers to the questions and doubts are the main topic of this paper which have been organized through an analytical approach.

Key Words: Naskh (Abrogation), Abrogation in the Quran, Traditions concerning the Abrogation in the Quran

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