Aban ibn Taghlab’s Exegesis: "Gharib al-Quran"

Mohammad Hossein Madani

 Aban ibn Taghlab (d. 141 AH) was one of the Ahl al-Bayt’s elite students who had the honor of being with the Infallible Imams of his time. His skills in a variety of sciences gave him a perfect character that made both Shiite and Sunni praise him. Aban learned many things from Ahl al-Bayt’s pure teachings and at the same time tried to nurture and compile them. Aban’s compilations, like many writings of his time are completely lost. But the content of their works can be tracked and recovered somewhat. This paper tries to express the Taghlab’s status and retell the exegetical features of "Gharib al-Quran" or "Ma`ani al-Quran".

 Key Words: Aban bin Taghlab, Exegesis of the Quran, Gharib al-Quran, Ma`ani al-Quran, Words of Quran.

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