Razavi Sira and Quranic Lifestyle” Int’l Forum Planned
Publish Date: 7/28/2015 Code: 44218

Razavi Sira and Quranic Lifestyle” Int’l Forum Planned

An international forum titled “Razavi Sira and Quranic Lifestyle” will be held in November in Sabzevar City of Khorasan Razavi Province in northeastern Iran.


According to Hujjatulislam Fatehi, the dean of Hakeem Sabzevari University, the program has been planned in line with the second edition of the national forum on “Razavi Sira and Quranic Lifestyle”, IRNA reported.

He said the forum will be held as a part of the academic section’s programs of the 13th edition of Imam Reza (AS) International Cultural-Art Festival.

The themes of the international forum will include the role and status of Imam Reza's (AS) Sira in Quranic lifestyle, the nature and principles of Quranic lifestyle in Razavi Sira, the basic features and factors of Quranic lifestyle in Razavi Sira and the methods of disseminating and developing Quranic lifestyle in Razavi Sira.

He also said that the main objective of the program is to promote studies in religious fields.

Hujjatulislam Fatehi added that the forum also highlights the relation between Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and Quranic teachings and expressed hope that it will disseminate Quranic lifestyle in the society.

August 6th is the deadline for submission of abstracts. The full papers of the selected abstracts should be submitted to the secretariat of the forum by October 7.

He said that the secretariat has so far received 200 papers from different countries including Iran, Iraq and Britain.

The forum will include specialized sessions with the participation of eminent seminary scholars.

Imam Reza (AS) International Festival is annually organized in Iran and more than 200 cities in other countries of the world.

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