Jesus [PBUH] in Quran to Be Discussed at MSU
Publish Date: 9/29/2015 Code: 45676

Jesus [PBUH] in Quran to Be Discussed at MSU

Jesus [AS] is a prominent figure in the Quran, a fact that might come as a surprise to Christians.



There seems to be a growing divide between Christianity and Islam in America. Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has said that he doesn’t think a Muslim should ever become president of the United States, and many of his supporters share that mistrust. But many Christians aren’t aware that Jesus appears in the Quran, Islam’s holy book.

This week in East Lansing, there will be a discussion about the position Christ holds in the Muslim faith.

Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with author Zeki Saritoprak, a professor of Islamic Studies at John Carroll University in Ohio. On Wednesday night, he’ll talk about his book “Islam’s Jesus” at Michigan State University’s International Center.

Saritoprak thinks the shared belief in Jesus could help Muslims and Christians better understand one another.

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