He who reconciles with his enemy increases the numbers [of his friends] on his own side.

رَأسُ الجَهلِ مُعاداةُ النّاسِ . ح: 5247

The peak of ignorance is showing enmity towards people. H: 5237

عِلَّةُ المُعاداةِ قِلَّةُ المُبالاةِ . ح: 6302

The cause of enmity is lack of consideration [for others]. H: 6302

لِكُلِّ شَي‏ءٍ بَذرٌ وبَذرُ العَداوَةِ المِزاحُ . ح: 7316

Everything has a seed, and the seed of enmity is mockery. H: 7316

بَطنُ المَرءِ عَدوُّهُ . ح: 4424

Man’s stomach is his enemy. H: 4424

لا تَستَصغِرَنَّ عَدُوّاً وإن ضَعُفَ . ح: 10216

Never underestimate an enemy even if he be weak. H: 10216

مَنِ استَصلَحَ عَدُوَّهُ زَادَ في عَدَدِهِ . ح: 8230

He who reconciles with his enemy increases the numbers [of his friends] on his own side. H: 8230

مَنِ استَصلَحَ الأضدادَ بَلَغَ المُرادَ . ح: 8043

He who reconciles with the opposition achieves his aim. H: 8043

مَن نامَ عَن عَدُوِّهِ أنبَهَتهُ المَكايِدُ . ح: 8672

Whoever falls into a sleep of neglect of his enemy is jolted awake by his crafty schemes. H: 8672

مَن أظهَرَ عَداوَتَهُ قَلَّ كَيدُهُ. ح: 7956

He who manifests his hostility is less deceitful. H: 7956

لا تَشِن  عَدُوَّكَ وإن شانَكَ. ح: 10418

Do not dishonor your enemy even if he dishonors you. H: 10418

لا تُوقِع بِالعَدُوِّ قَبلَ القُدرَةِ. ح: 10258

Do not assault the enemy before you are powerful [enough]. H: 10258

مَنِ استَعانَ بِعَدُوِّهِ عَلى حاجَتِهِ ازدادَ بُعداً مِنها. ح: 8984

He who seeks help from his enemy for his need, will move farther away from it. H: 8984

كُن مِن عَدُوِّكَ عَلى أشَدِّ الحَذَرِ. ح: 10301

Be extremely vigilant against your enemy. H: 10301

أوهَنُ الأَعداءِ كَيداً مَن أظهَرَ عَداوَتَهُ. ح: 3258

The weakest enemy in deception is he who manifests his enmity. H: 3258

القُدرَةُ يُزيلُهَا العُدوانُ. ح: 865

Tyranny ruins power. H: 865

مُبايَنَةُ الدَّنايا تَكبِتُ العَدُوَّ. ح: 9774

Keeping away from the low things would debase the enemy. H: 9774

الواحِدُ مِنَ الأَعداءِ كَثيرٌ. ح: 1149

Even one enemy is too many. H: 1149

الإِحسانُ إلَى المُسيءِ يَستَصلِحُ العَدُوَّ.  ح: 1517

Doing good to him who wrongs us reforms him. H: 1517

لا تَأمَن عَدُوّاً وإن شَكَرَ. ح: 10197

Do not feel safe from any enemy, even if he expresses appreciation. H: 10197