Allama Majlisi and His Views on Philosophy

Ali Nasiri

This article is centered on the Allamma Majlisi's views on philosophy.In the present article, the author speaks of Allama Majlisi as one of the opponents of the Greek philosophy and argues that he regarded it as the result of the Greek thought which was disseminated by the Abbasid government in order to make the Mulims away of the infallible Imams' tradition and hadiths. Pointing to the Allama Majlisi's books i.e. Tuhafu al-Uqul and Sharh Usul al-Kafi, The author introduces Allama Majlisi as a moderate man whose thought was a mixture of Imams tradition and intellect.

Key Words: Philosophy, Allamma Majlisi, Tuhafu al-Uqul, Sharh Usul al-Kafi.

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