Hisham’s Sahiha and Number of Verses of the Holy Quran

Mohammad Ehsanifar Langaroodi

There is dispute among those who are expert in the number of the holy Quran over its extent. They all consent that number of the holy Quran is less than 6240 verses while Hisham’s Sahiha says that it contains seventeen thousand verses. In spite of its rare appearance, this hadith has brought about many problems and misunderstandings. To solve these problems, the author of the present paper studies the content of this hadith and presents his findings in two chapters. Chapter one deals with Hishams Sahiha while chapter two surveys the solution to Hishams hadith.

Key Words: Number of Verses of the Holy Quran, Hishams Sahiha, Misrepresenting the Holy Quran, Interpretation of Hishams Hadith, Unreliability of the Rare Hadith.

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