Felicitousness and Ill-fortuneness of Days

Sayyid Jawad Warai

The present paper has the same organization as the treaties Ikhtiyarat al-Ayyam of the late Aqa Jamal al-Din Khunsari, in which the issue of the felicitousness and/or ill-fortuneness of days are considered from the perspectives of the Quran and hadiths. With the help of various Quranic exegeses, the writer tackles the issue in detail; also, with evidence from the hadiths related from the Infalliables, he stresses on accepting the totality of the case. However, he tries to clear the ground so as to reject some later superstitions created around the theme. Noteworthy is his remarks concerning the role of saying prayer and paying alms in making ill-fortureness removed and invalid. Finally, the case of felicitousness and ill-fortureness of heavenly bodies is considered. With references to hadiths, he rejects the practice of those who anticipate things on astrological bases.

Key Words: Felicitousness of Days, Ill-fortuneness of Days, Ikhtiyarat al-Ayyam, Hadith.

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