Principles of Studying the Modes of Making Up of Hadiths in al-Mawduat of Ibn al-Jawzi

Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Wazirifard

The writer first gives a brief intruduction to the life of Ibn al-Jawzi and his works, followed by some critical comments on his book al-Mawduat in which he views the Shiite standpoint in a prejudiced way. In the discussion on studying the modes of making up of hadiths as formulated by Ibn al-Jawzi, the necessity of reconsideration of the infalliable Imams’ hadiths are brought to light, followed by his classification of hadiths. In view of knowing the hadiths, Ibn al-Jawzi gave preference to the transmitter, rather than to the content of the hadith.When he marked the transmitter as liable to be a liar--based on some possible reason--he then disregards the hadith as unauthentic. This is followed by a schematic list of terminologies and designations by which Ibn al-Jawzi regards the hadiths as majul ‘made up’, mawdu ‘forged’, and kidhb ‘lie’. In the final section, some instances of mawdu ‘forged’ hadiths are quoted, together with some passages of his book as well as his methodology. They are criticized, too.

Key Words: al-Mawduat of Ibn al-Jawzi, Modes of Making Up of Hadiths, Principles.

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