In Defence of the Hadith, Pt. 8

Mahdi Husayniyan-Qumi

In this chain of articles, the writer tries to answer the questions raised against a few hadiths. In each artricle he tries to prove that the hadiths concerned are not made up or corrupted. In this issue, he answers three criticisms as follows: The first criticism is concerned with Allamah Muhammad-Taqi Tustari (Shushtari). In his book Al-’Akhbar al-Dakhila, he regards one of the hadiths in Al-Kafi corrupted. The hadith in question is about hajj. The second one is also raised in the same Tustari volume. In it, he raise some objections concerning one of the hadiths reported in Man La Yahduruhu al-Faqih on determining the haram ‘forbidden’ months. The third one is raised by Muhammad Tijani al-Samawi in his book Kull al-Hulul Inda’Ali al-Rasul. There he criticizes the hadith which says: ‘The best toothbrush is that made of the wood of ’Arak.’

Key Words: Hadith Criticism, Hadith Fabrication, Muhammad-Taqi Tustari.

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