The Practice of Compiling Fourty Hadiths and al-'Arba‘in Hadith

Nad Ali 'Ashuri-Taluki

The traditional practice of compiling fourty hadiths has begun since the earliest times in the history of Islam, all inspired by the Prophetic hadith which says Anyone of my umma who memorizes and records forty hadiths which people need, they would be arisen as 'faqihs people' person in religious affairs in the world hereafter . The present paper is centred around on giving an introduction to this book as well as a background to such forty hadith collections. With a view to the point that some hadith scholars regard the aforementioned hadith not a widely trasmitted one, the writer attempted to consider the pros and cons with respect to this hadtith, followed by a list of writers who compiled such colloctions.

Key Word: Fourty Hadiths, al-'Arba‘in Hadith, the Prophetic Hadith, The Practice of Compiling.

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