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277 - العشرة


1298 - أدَبُ العِشرَةِ مَعَ النّاسِ‏

1298. The Etiquette of Social Interaction WITH PEOPLE

4247.الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام : خالِطوا النّاسَ مُخالَطَةً إن مِتُّم مَعَها بَكَوا عَلَيكُم ، وإن عِشتُم (غِبتُم) حَنُّوا إلَيكُم .1

4247.Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Mingle amongst people in such a way that when you die they should weep for you, and when you are alive, they should long for you.’2

4248.الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام - كانَ يَقولُ - : لِيَجتَمِعْ في قَلبِكَ الافتِقارُ إلَى النّاسِ ، والاستِغناءُ عَنهُم، يَكونُ افتِقارُكَ‏إلَيهِم في لينِ كَلامِكَ وحُسنِ بِشرِكَ، ويَكونُ استِغناؤكَ عَنهُم في نَزاهَةِ عِرضِكَ وبَقاءِ عِزِّكَ .3

4248. Imam Ali (AS) used to say, ‘Let your heart include both need for people as well as needlessness of them – your need for them being in order to speak kindly words to them and to share your joy with them, and your needlessness of them being in order to maintain your integrity and to preserve your self-respect.’4

4249.الإمامُ الباقرُ عليه السلام : صَلاحُ شَأنِ‏النّاسِ التَّعايُشُ والتّعاشُرُ مِل‏ءَ مِكيالٍ : ثُلثاهُ فِطَنٌ ، وثُلثٌ تَغافُلٌ .5

4249.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘People’s affairs will be improved through coexistence and close cooperation according to a set measure, two thirds of which are to have awareness and a third of which is to feign ignorance of each other’s faults.’6

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