Ramadan with Quran Published into Different Languages
Publish Date: 5/12/2019 Code: 51723

Ramadan with Quran Published into Different Languages

On the verge of the blessed month of Ramadan, management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi translated the book ‘Ramadan with Qur’an’ written by Hujjat al-Islam Mohsen Qaraati into several foreign languages aiming at non-Iranian pilgrims of Razavi Holy Shrine.”


According Astan News, driven from ‘Tafsir Noor’, the book contains a combination of Qur’anic words, commendatory, and some points about narrations of the Infallible Imams (A.S.) designed in thirty lessons for thirty days of Ramadan.

The book has been compiled and condensed by Hujjat al-Islam Qaraati aiming to encourage further association with the holy Qur’an and narrations by saving the readers’ time at the same time.

Management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Affairs has translated and published the book in four languages of Arabic, English, Azeri, and Urdu with the purpose of propagating the Qur’anic knowledge and holding cultural contests for foreign pilgrims during Ramadan month.

Ramadan, reflection into Qur’an, the importance of prayer (Salat), recommending to do good and enjoining not to commit evil, night prayer, sanctities in Islam, Imamate and Mastership, loving the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.), Imam Mahdi (A.S.), intercession, social manners, and family are topics of some lessons of the book.

The book prepared in 180 pages and 5000 circulation is a celestial gift of divine knowledge that is to be dedicated to the followers of Qur’an and the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.) by office of Islamic Relations of Astan Quds Razavi.

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