Thematic Study of the Quran Planned in London in Ramadan
Publish Date: 6/16/2016 Code: 51840

Thematic Study of the Quran Planned in London in Ramadan

The Islamic Institute for Development and Research (IIDR) in London is hosting a new, two-day course on the Thematic Study of the Quran.


The course will discover in just one weekend how Quranic revelation can be categorized into ten essential themes and how by recognizing these themes, you can appreciate the meaning of the Quran in a more cohesive way.

All 114 chapters of the Quran cover a countless range of topics and invaluable lessons, but sometimes these messages can be difficult to understand without an effective learning approach. By studying the Quran in a new way - theme by theme - you can appreciate the simple meaning of this revelation to your everyday lives.

These central themes are: God, Justice, Spirituality, Marriage and divorce, Animals, Wealth, Love, Knowledge, The heart and Happiness and sadness.

By focusing in on these themes, the course aims to empower you to study the Quran in a new and engaging way.

Shaykh Hasan al-Banna, the founding director of the Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR) and an Advisory Board Member of the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics is the principal instructor.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants who attend and complete the full course.