Amina Inloes grew up in Southern California, USA. Her interest in religion started when she began high school. Sr. Amina then discovered Islam where she further examined numerous Islamic books and references especially the Holy Quran and as a result, she became interested to the degree of conviction. Sr. Amina then decided to become a Muslim at the age of 14 years old after realizing how logical and important this religion is. Ever since, Sr. Amina has continued her research about Islam and has become a role model for those who were born Muslim and for those who have converted to Islam. She has appeared on different Muslim media stations to share her journey and her inspirational knowledge.

Sr. Amina started off her academic endeavor by studying computer science at UC Berkeley, California. She currently has a Masters degree in Islamic Studies and is currently working on a PhD in Islamic Studies. Sr. Amina works for the Islamic College in London ( in the Department of Research and Publications and as a lecturer. As a speaker, she enjoys discussing spiritual issues, ethical issues, doctrinal issues, historical issues pertaining to the time of the Imamate, or social issues and educational issues that are relevant to the community as a whole. Sr. Amina also has a Masters degree in education and has much experience working in Islamic schools.

Personal life

Inloes was born in Irvine, California, United States. She received an MA degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic College in 2009, and MA degree in teaching with an emphasis on mathematics. She is also pursuing a PhD in Islamic Studies at Exeter University on Shi'ia hadith about pre-Islamic female figures mentioned in the Qur'an.[2] She is serving as a teacher of Physics, Mathematics, and Religious Studies. She works for the Research and Publications Department of the Islamic College and is programme leader for the MA Islamic Studies programme. She was interviewed by Press TV on International Women's Day, in which she expressed her concerns for women who are still suffering from social injustices in many part of the world.[3] She is settled in the United Kingdom.


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