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Lexical context: its meaning and function in hadith comprehension

Qasem Bostani Nasrah Baji

From long ago the Muslim scholars and the jurisprudents in particular, have intended to discover different ways and methods of comprehending the hadiths as either of the two genuine resources of Islamic thought and action. Among these ways and methods was scrutiny in the lexical context (siyāq lughawī) of the text of the hadith. The scholars have benefited from the context for discovering the meaning, knowing various kinds of causes of and obstacles against hadith comprehension, and also deleting, rectifying and refining the damaged traditions. Disregarding this method may occasionally result in meanings which had not been intended from (the issuance of) the hadith.

In this article, in which the library method and that of analyzing the data have been applied, in the first step the context is defined and its kinds and importance in discourse comprehension are mentioned; in the second step the way of applying the lexical context in better and correct explanation of the hadith and its dimensions, that is the context of the words and the context of the sentences are dealt with. Meanwhile, the related discussions are referred so that this basic question "what is the important function of the lexical context in comprehension of the hadith text?” may be answered.

Keywords: Hadith, context, lexical context, discovering the meaning.

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