ABSTRACTS No. 73 - Page 151


Stylistics of the Makarim al-Akhlaq Supplication

Zahra Qasempeivandi

Sayyed Mohammad Reza Ibn-Rasool

Mohammad Khaqani

Supplication is one of the most important texts in the body of the Shia teachings, because it is considered as a dynamic link between the Creator and the creature. Sahifa al-SaHAadiyya is one of the highest examples of the supplication books. The circumstances after the Ashura uprising led Imam SaHAad (a.s) adopt another method to transfer his teachings. Thus he created his great artistic creation, viz. Sahifa al-SaHAadiyya. Among the issues that this article seeks is the way that the Imam used for the audience to better understand and keep in their minds most of the teachings and more importantly for the survival of these teachings throughout history. Stylistic study of Makarim al-Akhlaq Supplication, as an example of this blessed book, leads us to the hidden and influential layers of this supplication. The other advantages of this supplication are as follows: accuracy in vocal music used in the provisions of this supplication, morphological and syntactic structures appropriate to the purpose and goal such as afal tafdil (Arabic comparative) that represents perfection seeking. On the axis of substitution the Imam has selected concepts and words in full harmony with the content, so that the other can not replace the word. One of the most important stylistic features of this supplication is repetition of words and phrases which produces new meanings. This paper views "Makarim al-Akhlaq Supplication" from a new perspective using a descriptive and analytical method. It shows that the Imam has utilized all the musical elements such as

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