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Mohammad Jafar Shahroozi

A Survey of Reasons for Issuance of Hadith

The best way to get familiar with the holy Prophet and infallible Imams, peace and blessings be upon them, is to use their sayings. To benefit from their speeches, we should pay attention to the effective factors in understanding hadith. One of these factors is to know the reasons which causes the issuance of hadith from infallible Imams, peace be upon them.
Many of the hadiths are connected with events and circumstances which took place during the life of the holy Prophet and infallible Imams, peace and blessings be upon them. The circumstances leading to the issuance of these hadith are called reasons for issuance which are of high importance in understanding hadith.
Therefore, it is necessary to get more familiar with reasons for issuance of hadith so that prevent from misunderstanding hadiths.
The author comes up with this issue in two parts. The first part is concerned with general discussions such as definition, importance, and related benefits. The second part investigates the reasons for issuance of some hadiths.
Keywords: Understanding Hadith, Events and Circumstances, Reasons for Issuance of Hadith

Dr. Mahdi Ahmadi

Presentation of Haith to the Holy Quran: Purport and Range

Dr. Sayyyed Kazem Tabataba'i

Evaluating a Hadith Concerning Purport of Muqatta`ah-Letters

In al-Kashf wa al-Bayan known as Thalabi's commentary, there is a hadith concerning purport of Muqatta'ah-Letters ascribed to Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him. This hadith which is also found in some Shiite tafsir texts, deals with Muqatta'ah-Letters utilizing written form or visual effect of the holy Quran.
Considering the necessity of criticism of tafsir-oriented hadiths, which is accepted by all scholars of tafsir, and relying on linguistics and orthographers approach, the author evaluates this hadith and concludes that calligraphy and alphabet are the fruit of human innovation and invention and can not be used as a base for interpreting the holy Quran thus this hadith is unreliable and could not be issued by an infallible Imam. The author believes that this research paper can be used as an example for hadith criticism of this type.
Keywords: Hadith Studies, Criticism of Text, Muqatta'ah-Letters, Orthography, Language.

SayyidAli Abbas Musawi

Fiqh al-Hadith as Viewed by Gnostics

Translated by: Abdurreza Poormatloob

This paper investigates hadith in Gnostic school of thought which are employed in a different way.

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