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1st Dhi al-Qada Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Masuma (AS)
O Fatimah(AS) intercede for us in heaven since you have reached a dignified status from a high rank with Allah(swt)
Istanbul forum to discuss Imam Sadeq role in reviving Islam
A forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday to discuss the role of Imam Sadeq (AS) in revival of Islam. ...
‘Muhammad Pocket Guide’ Translated in 20 Languages
“Muhammad Pocket Guide” is a book about the life of Islam s Holy prophet (PBUH) that has been translated into 20 languages. ...
Imam Sadiq's (AS) attitude in war of belief era
The comparison between the time of Imam al-Sadiq (AS) and the time of Imam al-Hussain (AS)... The war of beliefs.... The attitude of Imam ...


Hadith & Life
Supplication in Abasing himself His Supplication in Abasing himself This additional supplication is appended in some copies of the Sahifa Translated by William Chittick
From Heaven (Part 11) A selection of words and wisdoms of Imam Husayn (AS) by Fakhr-Rouhani
Muhammad the Messenger of Allah The Prophet (SAWA) said, I have been educated by Allah Himself and Ali has been educated by me.
Good Manners (Hadith Explanation by Ayat. Khamenei) Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei explains the benefit of having good disposition and manners.
Supplications Supplications
HadithQA HadithQA
Imam al-Sadiq (AS) in the Scale of Wisdom The most beloved of my brothers to me is he who confers my faults to me.