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Quran Expo
IBNA- “Read the Word and Feel It" is the name of an exhibition of the Holy Qur’an which is currently underway at ...
Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Kazim
Born in Madina on 7th Safar 128 Hijri (10.11.745AD). Martyred in Baghdad Iraq 25th Rajab 183 Hijri (4.9.799 AD) Period of Imamate ...
British Library Digitizes One of World’s Oldest Quran Manuscripts
One of the world’s oldest Quran manuscripts is now online, digitized in full by the British Library.
Thirty-ninth edition of ‘Ali, on Ali’ released
The Thirty-ninth edition of The Life of Imam Ali (Ali on by Ali) by Jafar Shahidi on the life of the first ...