Is there any role and interference for divine men in purification of others during sef-purification. is there any evidence from verses and traditions on it? If so, is not it opposite of man's free will?

two types of reason , general arguments and  specific evidences prove that divine men by authority and knowledge given by Allah to them are able to impress other' soul on purification way to Allah, regarding intensity.

general and specific subjectivity, at the first term they have intervention in receiving bless and Grace to all of creations including humans. It is specialized for fourteen infallibles.

Specific subjectivity that contains intensity acts with higher level for whom have been doing goodness and help them to reach the Destination. And it act with lower level for whom are at the beginning of the way and provides situations and conditions some how they could do goodness and get improvement. So, as it is seen, there's a highlight role for human's free will in both area.

Verses of Holy Quran and infallibles' traditions are areas of this research.

"Overview and general Concepts" plus "borders of this holy authority" are two chapter of the first section.

"Reasons and evidences" is title of the third chapter.

"Q & A" is fourth chapter.


Key words: Navigation by divine men, intervention, Formative interference, inner conduct, Spiritual Growth, self-purification.