In this research would be achieved a comparative interpretation of (surah fater) and Some hadithes under these verses from two important sects in Islam  would be examined due to determining some similarities and differences  points of view in Shiah and Sonni.

For this purpose some important sources including traditional commentaries (Rivaie exegeses) and rational commentaries (Ijtihadi exegeses) from both groups have been used but the most usage is from Norothaqalain in shiah perspective and al-dorolmansor in sonni perspective.

This research has been classified to five volumes. First volume includes a general discussion. In second volume which is the major part, some differences have been discussed while very similar points of view between Shiah and Sonni have been achieved, through Rivaee interpretation. Third volume is about typology of hadithes that would be recognized which type of them obtains more cases and which group of Rivayat implies most discussion about epitomical and interpretative knowledges. It might seem that most hadithes of ahlolsonnah just includes lexicology and translation of verses. In the fourth volume many documentation problems of hadithes has been resolved. In last volume would be achieved some fruitful points of view regard to Unity (Tovhid) and Resurrection (Maad).

Key words:

Surah fater, comparative interpretation, traditional commentary, types, knowledge, Noorothaqalain, Al-dorolmansur.