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Mahdi Mihrizi:

Hadith sciences: Past, Present, and Future

The article is concerned with the changes occurred in hadith scholarship from the past down to the present. Briefly touching uon the works produced in each period, it aims to render a precise and logical definition of the discipline based on its development in the past. On such a basis. it divides the history of hadith sciences into four periods, including the present period. This is followed by a suggestion as to the future of this discipline.

Jacfar Subhani:

Content-wise Criticism of the Hadith

The text is a transcription of a lecture delievered in the third gathering on hadith stuadies, held on 20 Esfand 1377 10 March 1999.
First, the lecturer elaborated on the station of the hadith, maintaining that hadith is the same as the Quran, and based on the latter, it is an exegesis of the Quran. The Prophet encouraged people to disseminate the hadith, hence ordered them to be recorded down.
The lecturer then points to some incentives behind banning the writing of hadiths in the time of the Orthodoxcaliphs, together with criticizing them. Introducing the hadith criticism period, he ppointed to the methods Shiite ulema utilized to recognize the sound hadiths. He also criticized the Sunni views on the hadith, above all, their view on the infalliability of the traditions recorded in the Sahihan. Also criticized is their views on the companions of the Prophet.
In view of his book Al-Hadith al-Nabawi bayn al-Riwaya wa'l-Diraya (Qum: Maktabat al-Imam al-Sadig, 1419/1998), he explained, inter alia, about his background to writing the book, and the way he selected and studied forty of the Prophet's companions, based on the five criteria, viz. the Quran, Sunna, intellect, history, and consensus. He suports his views with some exmples.
The final section of the text includes Ayatollah Subhani's answers to some questions posed vis-‡-vis his above- mentioned book.

Rida 'Ustadi:

A Study of the Hadiths Quoted in Fasl al-Khitab fi Tahrifal- Kitab-i of Mirza Husayn al-Nuri al-Tabarsi.

The writer first pointed to the opposition of most of Shiite ulema with the contents

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