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Mohammad Muhammadi -Rayshahri

Hadith Collections and Present Expectations.

The present article is the text of speech which Hujjatulislam Muhammadi-Rayshahri, founder of the Dar al-Hadith Cultural Institute, delivered in the fifth meeting on hadith scholarship, held on 30 day 1378 in Qum. the subject of this debate is the hadith collections and needs of the day.
After this meeting, Hujjatulislam Muhammadi - Rayshahri took part in a conference which was centered on the Mizan al-Hikmah and and answered to the questions raised by the scholars about the aforementioned book.
In this article you can get some information about hadith collections and characteristics of a good collection.

Sayyid Muhammad-Javad Shubayri

A look at the Word Tanaqqabat in Zyyart Ashura

Since the existence of misspelling and misreading in hadith texts and speeches of Infallibles is an undeniable matter, scholars have always viewed them with a critical eye.
The writer of this article tries to find the correct spelling of the word tanaqqabat in Zyyart Ashura in his view this word does not match its place.
Looking for the correct word, he investigates different rejal and hadith books and analyzes the viewpoints of some traditionists like Kaf‘ami, Majlisi and others he also studies the words they have used instead of tanaqqabat.
The present article is a report of this research.

Dr. Hasan Hanafi

From the Criticism of Document to the Criticism of Text

In this issue the fifth part of the article From Criticism of Document to the Criticism of Text written by Dr. Hasan Hanafi, philosophy professor at the university

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