ABSTRACTS No. 31 - Page 220


Muhammad Husayn Bahrami

Allama Shushtari,s Hadith Views

Allama Shushtari is one of those great Scholars who have spent most of their life on compiling Fiqh and Hadith books.
Al – Akhbar al – Dakhila is one of his works which has been written on weak and fabricated hadiths.
Allama Shushtari has also written a commentary on Lum,a, which is a jurisprudential book. This paper is survey of Allama Shushtari,s views and his method in hadith literature.

Zahra Riahi

Justice in Imam Ali,s View

In this article, it has been tried, according to the book of Nahjol Balagha, to show the theoretical and practical conducts of Iamam Ali(s) through the practice of justice.
On this basis, first, views have been given corcerning justice, injustice, and the signs of just and unjust people, and the importance of that

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