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Hadith Scholarship Centers

The editorial deals with the importance of history of hadith and approaches to hadith transmitters from a geographical perspective.
Introducing some of the Shiite and Sunni works on hadith, editorial mentions the necessity of viewing them from geographical point of view and investigating them by their location.
The author also points to the way a hadith scholarship center is established and renders some methods for investigating hadith scholarship centers.

Rida Ostadi

Usul of Al – I Rasul

Sometimes it is assumed that there is no relation between the science of Usul Fiqh and Hadith but evidences shows another thing.
Some scholars have written books in which hadiths utilized by Usul Fiqh are introduced. The book Usul of Al – I Rasul is one of them.
Utilizing the writings on the margins of Furu,al – Kafi, the author of this article tries to represent some parts of the above-mentioned book.

Jahad Farahat

Verification of Some Mashhur Hadiths (Pt. 2)

The author, in this article, tries to defense his opinions concerning the reliability of some Mashhur Hadiths and respond to a critical review of his previous article.

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