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Contemporary Hadith Scholarship of the Ahl Sunna

In the contemporary Sunni hadith literature, 5 groups are found which are of high importance because of their effective role in developing hadith sciences. They are as follows:
1. Quranites
2. Modernists
3. Sufis
4. Salafites
5. Victorious group
In this editorial, a brief introduction of the abovementioned groups as well as the views of their authorities has been rendered. They are viewed from 3 perspectives:
1. Reliability
2. Issuance
3. Interpreting

Mohhammad Mahdi Asefi

Hadith Awwal al – Iim at a Glance

This paper deals with a hadith ascribed to the Prophet saying: The first knowledge is the knowledge of God and the last one is to delegate all affairs to Him.
It has been classified in 3 categories:
Knowledge of God Delegation of affairs to God Road from knowledge to delegation KEYWORDS: RELYING ON GOD, SPIRITUAL POVERTY, AND CONTENTMENT.

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