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Sayyed Mohammad Ali Ayazi

A Critical Study on Hadiths concernin Zarb al-Quran

This paper aims at clarifying the meaning of a hadith whis has bee related by the holy Prophet, Imam Ali, Imam Baqir, and Imam Sadiq, peace be upon them, that Zarbu al-Quran bi'l Quran Kufr. Some assumed that this hadith points to the interpretation of a Quranic verse with utilization of other verses. On the other hand this sentence is considered as an idiom belonging to the age of Imams and is different from what is shown by literal meaning.
Collecting semantic evidence and facts, the author of the present paper views this hadith from different perspectives and finally comes up with a conclusion and retells the related semantic proofs. It is also shown that how investigation of hadiths thematically provides a comprehensive understanding of the reasons for the issuance of hadiths.
Keywords: Zarb al-Quran, Interpreting Quran by Quran, Background for Issuance of Hadiths, Confirming Quran by Quran.

Sayyed Hasan Eslami Ardakani Ph.D.

associate professor in Islamic ethics

In this paper, the writer tries to analyze a hadith (i.e. tradition) on the virtues which is attributed to Imam Ali (p.b.u.h). According to this hadith, the cardinal virtues are: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Tracing this tradition the author wants to show that this tradition is a brief account of Greek virtue ethics rather than Islamic ethics, and also is a translation of Socratic and Platonic thoughts on virtues. He first

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