Influence of Hadith on Islamic Sciences

In this editorial, it is said that the circle of sciences which are called Islamic sciences is an indefinite circle and there is no accurate definition of Islamic sciences what is understood by views of some experts is that Islamic sciences are applied to the sciences which are related to the holy Quran and hadith. The influence of hadith on them is also discussed herein.
Key Words: Islamic Sciences, Hadith, the Holy Quran, Influence, Definition.

Ayatullah Ja`far Subhani

A Review of Ali bn Ibrahim Qomi's Scientific Status and His Time and Works

In this paper, first the hadith schools of the time of Ali bn Ibrahim is dealt with and then his teachers, students, and his tafsir (Tafsir al-Qomi) are introduced. It is said that the whole book is not written by Ali bn Ibrahim and already half of it has been compile by one of his students. The author of the present paper tries to prove it by presenting some documents.
Key Words: Tafsir of al-Qomi, Ali bn Ibrahim, Teachers, Students.

Ayatullah Muhammad Mahdi Asefi

A Survey of the Hadith of Islam's Loneliness

This paper deals with a hadith, from the holy Prophet, about loneliness of Islam. The author first mentions those hadith which are concerned with the issue of loneliness and then renders a definition of ghurbat (loneliness) while classifying them into four kinds. He also talks about accepted loneliness and unaccepted one.
Key Words: Loneliness, Loneliness of Islam, Kinds of Loneliness, Accepted Loneliness, Unaccepted Loneliness.

Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Shubayri

Origins of the Hadith

This paper is concerned with a section of a Zyyarat to the holy Prophet which it's meaning is understood by referring to other ziyarats and hadiths.
The author of the present paper tries to prove that sometimes one should refer to origins of ziyarat [viz. the holy Qur'an and hadith] to get their true meaning.
Key Words: Ziyarat of the Holy Prophet, Origins of Hadith, the Holy Quran, Comprehension of Hadith,

Rasul Ja`farian

Unknown Shiite Hadith Authorities

From the First Half of Seventh Century AH

This paper is concerned with Ibn Shi`ar Musili and his book Qalaid al-Jam`an. After giving a brief account of the book, the writer of the present paper comes up with the author of the book and his religious doctrine. He studies the biographies of the Shiite presented in the book in general and deals with 43 of them in particular. He also points to some of their religious poems.
Key Words: Ibn Shi`ar Musili, Qalaid al-Jam`an, Shiite Poets.

Ali Akbar Furati

A Study on Kuniya (Agnomen) in Arabic Islamic Culture

Kuniya (agnomen) is one of the phenomena specific to Arabic and is found in literary textsand also hdiths and rijal. Kuniya and its related issues, due to its high importance in comprehension of hadith texts and proper analysis of chain of authorities, demands an extended discussion. Here the author views it from three perspectives: literature, Arabic culture, and Islamic culture.
Key Words: Kuniya (Agnomen), Literature, Arabic Culture, Islamic Culture.

Saeed Shafiee

The First Shiite Hadith School of Thought: Formation and Development

Kufa is the first city in wich Shia and Shiite hadith took place. However formation of Shiite hadith school of thought does not date back to the arrival of the Commander of the Faithful at Kufa.
In this paper, the author first deals with the formation of the principles of Shiite hadith and then the disciplines of the first Shiite hadith school of thought are verified.
Key Words: Hadith, School of Thought, the Shiite, the Followers, Two Truthful Imam, (Peace be upon them).
Nowrooz Amini
Shiite Imams' Hadiths in the Sunni Sources
Ahl al-Sunna have frequently mentioned the virtue of the household of the holy Prophet in their books. We can dare say that no group neither the three caliphs nor the four Imams of Ahl al-Sunna have books on their virtues as many as the household of the Prophet. Without any doubt, this approach demands their high regards to the Infallible Imams hadithsand also their transmission and criticism of hadiths of Ahl al-bayt. In this paper, the athor has studied the most important hadith books of Ahl al-Sunnah and has extracted the number of hadiths ascribed to any Imam of Ahl al-Bayt. He finaly concludes that the people of Sunnah hve not paid as much attention as it deserves to Ahl al-Bayt's hadiths.
Key Words: Hadiths of the Household of the Holy Prophet, the Sunni Hadiths, the Sunni Approach to the Infallible Imams Hadiths, the Sunni Treatment with The Household of the Holy Prophet.

Ignaz Golziher

Debates on Hadith Status in Islam

Trans. Nosrat Nilsaz
Transmission and writing hadith is one of the controversial issues in the history of hadith. Some forbid it and some others have a different view. This article deals with these debates and discrepancies.
Key Words: Status of Hadith, Transmission of Hadith, Hadith Writing.

Ali Mohammad Mir Jalili

(Assistant Professor of Yazd University)

A Survey of the Book al-Wafi

Al-Wafi, containing fifty thousand hadiths along with explanations and commentaries which have been written by its great compiler, the late Fayz Kashani following the hadiths, is reckoned as one of the great sources of hadith. But this book is not regarded as it deserves. Thus the author of the present paper views it from different perspectives and gives a detailed account of this valuable book.
The following issues are discussed in this paper: privileges of the book, the author's motive for writing the book, date of its writing, its status in the eyes of Islamic scholars, its manuscript and printed copies, interpretations, annotations and supplements, etc.
Key Words: al-Wafi, Fayz Kashani, Hadith Collections.