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A Survey of Hadiths concerning Negation of Dispensable Divine Decree

Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri

Beside lots of hadiths indicating two type of Divine decree (viz. dispensable and indispensable) there are some other hadiths emphasizing on indispensability of Divine decree. Classifying the second group of above mentioned hadiths, the author of this paper tries to explain them. Key Words: Dispensable and Indispensable Divine Decree, God’s Knowledge, Man’s Free Will.

Allama Tabatabaee’s Hadith Clarification for Entering into the World of Pre-existence

Asghar Hadavi Kashani

The author of the present paper deals with views concerning the world of pre-existence and Allama Tabatabaee’s critical view of them. He describes Allama Tabatabaee’s view and its hadith documents and investigates its deficiencies. Key Words: World of Pre-existence, Allama Tabatabaee, Visible and Invisible World

Repeat of Revelation: A Hypothesis

Soheila Piroozfar

Hypothesis of repeatedly revelation of some chapters and verses, found in some Quranic and Tafsir books, rose when two or more reasons are put forth for revelation of one verse. As scholars couldn’t prefer one reason to the other or didn’t want to evaluate views of the

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