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Writers of Hadith Collections before Kulayni

By Seyyid Kazim Tabatabi Ph.D and Ellieh Rezadad

According to the author of the article, this study has been organized by comprehensive reference to indexes and the sources of authorities [of Hadith] and intends to prove the hypothesis that there existed collections of Hadith on all the various subject matters before the [compilation of] the Four Books of Hadith and to briefly mention the authors of collections of Hadith on all the various subject matters before Kulayni. A logical classification of traditions on the basis of themes is one of the best ways of [attaining] accurate understanding of Hadiths, [a method] which has been the focus of perennial attention of jurists and scholars of Hadith since a long time ago. On this basis, collections containing Hadiths arranged on theme basis on all the various subject matters had been gradually written until the circumstances for compiling the Four Books of Hadith were made ready at the start of the first half of the fourth century AH. In this paper, the author gives an account of hadith collections such as: al-Jami fi al-Fiqh, al-Jami fi Sair Abwab al-Haram wa al-Halal, Kitab Mubawab fi al-Haram wa al-Halal, al-Jami al-Kabir fi al-Fiqh, Kitab Mubawab fi al-Faraid, and etc. Key Words: Hadith Collections, Writers of Hadith Collections, the Four Books, Kulayni.

Halabis Book as a Written Source in Compiling al-Kafi

Ehsan Sorkhei

The author of the present paper, as part of reconstruction project of Halabis book, tries to investigate ubaydullah and Muhammad

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