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Gender and Hadith


In this editorial, the author deals with the women’s contribution to interpretation of religious texts. Presenting a list of women’s hadith works in the present era he points to steps taken approaching to famle interpretation of hadiths. This paper also contains hadiths about women whivh have been transmitted by female hadith reporters. Key words: Female Hadith Reporters, Interpretation, Religious Texts.

Pattern of Consumption in the Quran and Hadith

Mohammad Muhammadi Rayshahri

Though the correction of consumption pattern is not a familiar term in Islamic hadiths but considering hadiths which reject prodigality we can trace it in Islamic thought. In this paper, the author first explains about the principles of correcting the pattern of consumption. Then he makes a picture of dos and don’ts regarding consumption pattern while using private and public facilities and present some solutions to it. He points to infallible Imams’ lifestyle and renders some examples of their behavior. Key words: Consumption Pattern, Correction, Prodigality, Infallible Imams’ Lifestyle.

Deficiency of Hadiths on Forbidding Oblivion after Memorizing the Verses of the Quran

Mohammad Ihsanifar

Islam encourages people to memorize the verses of holy Quran and not to forget it. Here is a question Have we committed a sin if we forget what we have memorized? Is it unlawful or not? Since there are hadiths and different views and also religious decisions which regard it as unlawful or not recommended on one hand and lack of research on the other hand make it necessary to be researched. The author of the present paper has thematically divided the issue into two categories: A) views and opinions B) related hadith in this regard. Key words: Forgetting after Memorizing, Common Consensus.

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