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The Area of Hadith Authenticity in the Eye of Shia Scholars

Authenticity of hadith or sunna as the second source of Islamic knowledge is unanimously accepted by the entire world of Islam except a few sects. The author of the present paper deals not with the principle of authenticity but with its different aspects and holds that we should, first of all, distinguish practical authenticity from theoretical one. In this way all fallacies and errors would be removed. Key Words: Hadith, Authenticity of Hadith, Practice, Theory.

A Study on the Value of Pilgrimage to Imam Hussayn's Shrine

Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri

Those traditions which have mentioned the virtue of pilgrimage to Imam Hussayn's Shrine, though different in explanation, the have one point in common: they regard its virtue more than hajj and `umrih and some of them equal its virtue to several hajjs. The author of this article, after mentioning a few hadiths in this regard for instance, tries to explain the reason of this superiority.
Key Words: Pilgrimage to Imam Hussayn's Shrine, Virtue of Pilgrimage, Hajj and `Umrih, Virtue of Hajj.

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