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Mahdi Mehrizi

The Authenticity of Exegetical Hadiths

There are more than 15000 exegetical hadiths in Shi`I hadith sources. The author of the present paper has categorized these hadiths into ten groups. Every group has a special function. Some of them are as follows: literal elucidation, concept elucidation, examples, semantic layers, tafsir training, and variation of readings, and etc. The author first gives a description of each group and then mentions some examples for each of them.
In part two, he views the authenticity of exegetical hadiths and its reasons from three perspectives: a) authenticity of exegetical hadiths, b) lack of authenticity of exegetical hadiths, c) separation of exegetical hadiths which contain fiqhi (jurisprudential) judgment from the rest of them.
Key Words: Exegetical Hadiths, Hadith Exegesis, Typology, Authenticity.

Abdolhadi Feqhizadeh

Narjes Tavakkoli Mohammadi

Sayyid Radi’s Method and His Approach to Hadith Metaphors
in al-Majazat al-Nabawiyya

Existence of metaphors in hadiths, due to their humanistic nature is inevitable. They are utilized as tools for conveying a variety of meanings and ways of proper understanding of hadith texts. Most of Islamic scholars, while presenting hadith scholarship discussions and commenting on hadiths, have partly confirmed it. In the light of the wide range of metaphors in hadith texts and probability of mistaking their metaphorical meanings, it can be concluded that investigation of metaphor in hadiths and methods of understanding them is a must. However, al-Majazat al-Nabawiyya by Sayyid Radi, is the only hadith book written in this field, which has collected some hadith metaphors narrated from the holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him. Relying on literal, rhetorical, historical, theological, Quranic and hadith documents, the author of the above mentioned book, without any special categorization or classification, tries to clarify them according to causes for their issuance and sometimes to his own taste.
Key Words: Sayyid Radi, may God bless his soul, al-Majazat al-Nabawiyya, Hadith Metaphors, Hadith Scholarship.

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