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Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh Ph.D

Preemptive Jihad in the Quran and Sunnah

Jihad is a secondary issue of jurisprudence. Jurists have divided it into two: defensive and preemptive, what has been discussed and dealt with mostly in this regard is permission or lack of permission for preemptive jihad in the absence of an Infallible Imam, peace be upon him. The author of this paper does not intend to study the above mentioned permission or lack of permission but he tries to investigate the Quran’s view of preemptive jihad in the light of hadiths narrated from the holy Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him. He finally concludes the lack of permission for preemptive jihad which is not conditioned with the presence of an Infallible Imam nor even by existence of an appropriate social political and international status quo.
Key Words: The Holy Quran, Sunnah, War, Preemptive Jihad, Political Jurisprudence.

Sayyid Mojtaba Mirdamadi

Mir Damad’s Miscellaneous Issues in Hadith Science

Mir Damad, famous philosopher of the Safavid era is not only an expert in rational sciences but also in transmitional sciences such as fiqh (jurisprudence) hadith, hadith terminology, rijal (men of hadith). He has written many works on these subjects. His writings (books, treatises, and commentaries) on fiqh, hadith, and tafsir comes to forty of his total seventy-three works. This indicates that he paid enough attention to transmissionals as well as deep philosophical works. In this paper, the author has collected some miscellaneous views of Mir Damad. He tries to answer these two questions: 1- Does priority of accuracy in a certain act encompass sayings and sometimes belief ? 2- Does the accuracy of saying indicate the reliability of narrator? This is also necessary to note that miscellaneous views of Mir Damad are contrary to his fame and probably his time.
Key Words: Narration, Mir Damad, Correct, Priority of Accuracy.

Qasem Bostani

Genealogy, Conceptology and Evaluation of Wujuhyya Hadiths

Multidimensional hadiths (as coined by the author of the present paper) are used as evidence by those who believe in polysemy of the holy Quran. What

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