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Research on Reliability of Risala Zahabyah

Sayyed Mohammad Kazim Tabatabai

Hadi Nasiri

Risala Zahabyah or Muzahhabah, is a treatise in the field of medicine which has been attributed to Imam Reza. In order to assess the validity and accuracy of this treatise attributed to Imam Reza; the author of the present paper, first verifies the historical evidences and documents as concomitant factors for attribution of this treatise and then evaluates the isnad (chain of transmission). In order to evaluate the text of this treatise, he also devises inter- and intra- textual evidences. Result of the study indicates that attribution of al-Risalah al-Zahabyah to Imam Rida, peace be upon him, has not been proved and one cannot act upon it as a reliable source. The final section of this paper makes a comparison between Risala Zahabyah and ancient medical literature.
Key Words: Risala Zahabyah, Imam Rida, Medical Hadiths, Evaluation of Chain of Transmitters and Text.
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Badā'Doctrine and Divine Knowledge

Reza Berenjkar

Makarem Tarjoman

Badā' (meaning: "revealing after concealing", or "alteration in the divine will") is a Shia Islamic concept regarding God. It refers to God revealing his will about a decision, wherein the people thought his will had already been made on that issue. The Shia do not believe that God had no knowledge of the ultimate outcome. Badā', a change that takes place in the divine act; in a way that before creating objects, the stages including providence, will, and pre-destination by God's will be done. Changes in each of these stages, is

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