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The Principle of Charity: Validity and Application

Seyyed Hassan Eslami Ardekani

Various Islamic hadiths invite us to interpret people's actions and behaviors according to the principle of charity. Muslim scholars, specially the jurist, have understood this principle very often as a legal rule, so they used it in the jurisprudence realm. But the principle of charity, according to these hadiths, covers two other dimensions: ethical and epistemic. This article tries to explore the ethical and epistemic facets of this principle using Islamic tradition and new studies in social psychology and epistemology. The aim of this article is to defend a broader sense of this principle and to discover its conditions and to determine its limitations, emphasizing its rationality.
Key Words: The Principle of Charity, Islamic Ethical Hadiths, Rationality of Actions.
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Knowledge of Characteristics of the Infallible Imam's Addressees Its Impact on Hadith Comprehension

Nosrat Nilsaz

Mohammad Kazem Rahmansetaysh

Mohammad Majid Sheikh Bahaee

One of the most important data used for correct understanding of hadith is the knowledge of characteristics of the Infallible Imam's addressees. Religious characteristics of addressee (such as: denomination, faith, tendencies, degree of faith) and scientific characteristics of addressee (such as: degree of knowledge, intelligence quotient, being wise or ignorant, natural characteristics of addressee are of the most important characteristics of addressee which brings about a special kind of Imam's address.
Key Words: The Infallible Imam's Address, the Infallible Imams` Addressees, Hadith Comprehension.
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