Hidayat (Guidance) means showing the right path toward the destination. It is of frequent words in the Quran and Hadith. Hidayat (which literally means Guidance) is an instruction with grace and positive connotations. It is occasionally used by means of tahakum for something else. God’s Guidance is found in two ways: general and special.God’s General Guidance consists of three branches: natural, rational, and canonical. Each of these branches consists of three sub branches. God’s Specific Guidance is some sort of a reward. It is given to the prophets, their companions, and followers due to their conversion to the right path and acceptance of God’s General Guidance. Their guidance differs in form, but they are meant to represent one goal. It is notable that God’s response to unjust people is also guidance, but guidance to Hell!

Key Words: Divine Guidance, General Guidance, Specific Guidance, Concept Analysis of Guidance, Reward Guidance.

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