Aqa Jamal al-Din Khunsaris Treatise the Origin and the End at a Glance

Hasan Milani

 The treatise The Origin and the End is a good evidence for Aqa Jamal al-Dins theological thoughts.  In the present review study, five theological theories treated in it are discussed. They are breifly as follows:  1. The issue of the temporal creation and eternity of the world, in which the theory of real contingency is defeded. In it, the views held by philosophers about the eternity of the world, the theory of transsubstantiation, and the creation of things out of the Divine essence, are refuted.  2. Critique of philosophers interpretation of the Divine knowledge on the presence of things in His essence.  3. Arguments on the refutation of philosophers’ interpretation of the Divine power and will.  4. Arguments on the refutation of the philosophical view on the necessity of general resemblance between the Creator and the created as well as remarks on the necessity of heterogenousness between them.  5. Remarks on whether the term essence is a homonym or a synonym between the Creator and the created.  In addition to the above, there are also some further discussions in the work.

Key Words: Aqa Jamal al-Din Khunsari, Treatise, the Origin and the End.

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