Qutb al-Din al-Kaydari and His Anwar al-Uqul

Juya Jahan-Bakhsh

The article is written upon the publication of a new edition of Qutb al-Din Muhammad al-Kaydari al-Nayshaburi’s, Anwar al-‘Uqul min ’Ashar Wasi al-Rasul, ed. Kamil Salman al-Jaburi Beirut: Dar al- Mahajja al-Bayda/Dar al-Rasul al-Akram,1419/1999. In the article, the writer first raises a discussion and proves that Imam Ali was indeed a poet. To support this, he gives a mention of those who have collected throughout the history the poems ascribed to Imam Ali, together with their works. He next gives a bio-bibliographical account of Qutb al-Din al-Kaydari (alternatively pronounced as al-Kaydhari). In the following section, the edition under review is described as the best and most complete one so far published, together with a book report on it. In the end, the discussion pivots around the reasons of ascribing some of the poems to Imam Ali; especially those not composed by him.

Key Words: Anwar al-Uqul, Qutb al-Din al-Kaydari, New Edition.

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