Ten Points on Mulla Sadra’s Sharh Usul al-Kafi

Rida Ustadi

Sadr al-Din Muhammad al-Shirazi, known as Mulla Sadra (d.1050/1640AD), the great Shiite philosopher and exegete, wrote the book Sharh ’Usul al-Kafi. In the article, the following questions concerning his above book are answered: Is this the last written work of Mulla Sadra? Why did he write it in his last years? Why did he choose ’Usul al-Kafi to explain the facts expressed in the Ahl al-Bayt hadiths? Which persons had explained ’Usul al-Kafi prior to him, and did he benefit from their explanations? Who did explain ’Usul al-Kafi after him, and did they made use of his commentary? Was Mulla Sadra a theorist in the science of rijal? Who are those whom he quotes and because of such quotations he offers an apology to his readers?

Key Words: Sharh ’Usul al-Kafi, Sadr al-Din Muhammad al-Shirazi, Questions.

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