Imam Khomeini's Hadith works

Nasir al-din Ansari-Qummi

In addition to being a faqih, a mystic, and a Quran exegete, Imam Khomeini was also an expert in hadith studies; hence he produced noteworthy hadith works. The following are his hadith work: 1. Sharh Chihil Hadith. In this book, the hadiths are all extracted from sheikh al-Kulayni al-Razi’s ’Usul al-Kafi. This book is packed with various exegetical , philosophical, ethical, theological, and mystical discussions. 2. Sharh Hadith Junud ‘Aql wa Jahl. This book is essentially an explication of a fomous hadith uttered by Imam Al-sadiq in which he mentioned seventy-five hosts for ‘aql ‘intellect’ and the same number of hosts for jahl ‘ignorance’. The hadith in question is related in the beginning of the Usul al-kafi. 3. Sharh Hadith Ra’s al-Jalut: This is a commentary on the debates which took place between Ra’s al-Jalut. This is a commentary on the debates which took place between Ra's al-Jalut, a Jewish great figure, and imam al-rida, which led on to his conversion into Islam. 4. Al-Ta‘liqa ‘ala al-fawa’id al-radawiyya. Earlier Qadi sa’id al-Qummi (d.1103 AH/) wrote a philosophical treatise one the Ra’s al-jalut hadith, entitlindg it Al-Fawa’id al-Radawiyya. Later on Imam Khomeini wrote his own commentary on his book. 5. Sharh Du‘a’ al-Sahar. Being the earliest book written by Imam Khomeini, it is a commentary on the famous du‘a’ al-sahar 'the dawn prayer', related from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir. 6. Bada’i‘ al-Durar fi Qa‘da Nafy al-Darar. It is a commentary on the fiqh rule of La Darar which is based on a famous hadith.

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