Review of Nadra al-Naim Hadith Encyclopedia

Abbas Pasandidih

There are many hadith collections or encyclopedias, among them Bihar al-Anwar, Kanz al-Ummal, Al-Hayat, and Mizan al-Hikma. Nadra al-Naim is an ethical-educational encyclopedia in the province of Sunnite hadith scholarship. The work, presented in twelve volumes, offers instances of the speeches and conduct of the Holy Prophet Muhammad on almost all ethical subjects, both positive and unqiue characteristics. In the beginning of each subject, the relevant Quranic verses and those of other scholars and scientists are quoted. The first volume of the Encyclopedia is an introduction to the personality and character of the Prophet and the organization of the whole work; volume 12 is devoted to indexes, listings, cross-references, and so on. The publication data is as follows: Mawsua Nadra al-Naim fi Makarim Akhlaq al-Rasul al-Karim, ed. Salih b. Abd Allah b. Humayd et al., 12 vols, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia: Dar al-Wasilah, 1418/1998.

Key Words: Nadra al-Naim, Hadith, Encyclopedia, Ethics, Education.

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