A Glance at Al-Fiqh al-Ma’thur wa al-Usul al-Mutalaqqah by A. al-Mishkini

Sayyid Hasan Islami

In a general classification, fiqh books are divided into two classes: ijtihad (independent reasoning) works and risalas ‘practical manuals’. The latter enjoy a lot of audience, in them many encountered problem cases and their solutions and rules are set down. They are, however, of no ijtihad-oriented benefits for the specialized audience. The book under review is addressed to both classes; it presents a course of logical, argumentative fiqh in the form of a report, consisting of quotations and reasons formulated by the Infalliable Imams. In it, the author expresses his fiqh theories and views, all proved in the mouth of the documented hadiths.

Key Words: Al-Fiqh al-Ma’thur wa al-Usul al-Mutalaqqah, A. al-Mishkini, Fiqh Theories.

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