The Qalam Software (A Bibliographical Index of Manuscripts)

Ihsan Surkhehi

Probabely any researcher has experienced the unorganized spread of information as well as its inconsistencies in manuscripts. Today, modern computer fascilities provide the researcher with easy access to all pieces of information on and in a manuscript. The Qalam software (A Bibliagraphical Index of Manuscripts) was devised by the writer of this article. It was produced at the request of Dar al-Hadith. The Software has many capabilities which make it possible to collect all information on a manuscript. It makes the researcher have access to all information in the shortest possible time. The information rendered by this software include the title of the manuscript, the author, other information on the author, the language of the manuscript, bibliographical information, the beginning and end of the manuscript, the titles of the books relevant to the manuscript (commentaries, translations, etc.), scribes, libraries, subject, century and so forth.

Key Words: Qalam Software, Bibliographical Index, Manuscripts, Bibliographical Information, Commentaries, Translations.

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