Al-Ghadir International Conference
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Al-Ghadir International Conference

Call For Paper
Al-Ghadir International Conference
23th & 24th October 2013
Tehran - Iran



Call For Paper

 Al-Ghadir International Conference

 23th & 24th October 2013

Tehran - Iran




Dear Researchers

Historical events are at times extremely influential in transforming human thought, politics and the structure of society. Therefore proper attention should be granted to them in the fields of scientific research.

The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, influenced the entire world with his personality. The last year of his life was the peak of his mission in inviting people to God. In this year he invited the entire nation from all different countries in order to establish the largest gathering of his followers, which was to be pivoted around the call to God.

In this gathering he announced to his people that it will be their final gathering with him, and thus named it the farewell pilgrimage (Hajj al-Wida’). It has been recorded by numerous historians that on their return journey, once they reached the place the caravans were to separate from each other in order to return to their cities, next to a pond called Ghad?rkhum, he commanded all the Muslims to gather so that he may recite for them a crucial sermon. He did this based on the divine instructions revealed to him in chapter M?ida, verse 67. He begins to recount a summary of his message before the attendees. He makes note of Islamic ideology, moral values, Islamic precepts and instructions for life in a society. It was to be a reminder of the message, the yield of his life’s struggle.

One of the most important parts of his sermon was the declaration of Imam Ali’s, peace be upon him, guardianship (wilayah). In his declaration he declared Ali’s, peace be upon him, guardianship as his own. He said: Whoever I am the master of, this Ali is the master of. It was only then the verse of completion was revealed. The verse that declared the perfection of the religion, the completion of His favors, and His consent with the path of Islam, chapter M?ida, verse 3.

Taking the characteristics of the aforementioned sermon into consideration, and the monumental influence it has had on the behavior of the Muslims after the Prophet’s  demise, and the ongoing effect it has on the outlook of millions of Muslims, it is worthy that the opinions and sentiments of genuine truth seeking intellectuals and academic researchers should be presented in a grand conference pertaining to the contents of the sermon. The various dimensions of it should be analyzed with scholarly participation.


We thus would like to official invite all the respected researchers who would like to present an article based on one of the following subject matters at the conference.


A-Ghadir Ummah

 1-Ghadir and Islamic Civilization

 2-Ghadir and the future of the Muslim world

 3-Ghadir and the unity of Muslim Ummah

 4-From The Ghadir to world peace


B-Teachings of Ghadir

1-Political and governmental doctrines of Ghadir

 2-place of Ghadir in the intellectual and doctrinal system of Islam

3-Explanation of Ghadir attitudes, ethical message

 4-The relation of the Ghadir with The mission of the prophets


C-Review historical event of Ghadir

 1-Reflect on how the story of Ghadir

 2- conceptual challenges in Ghadir’s sermon themes

 3-The relation between Sermon of Ghadeer and Verses of Koran associated with the Event


Important Dates

 -         The deadline for submitting the abstracts: 10st August 2013

-         Notification of the acceptance: 17th August 2013

-         The deadline for submitting the complete of articles: 16th October 2013


 Address: Imam Ali (‘a) Research Center, karimkhan e Zand Street, Between Gharani & Iranshahr Street,No 178, Tehran ,Iran

Post Code: 1437774681

 Fax number: 0098-21-88317196





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