The Principle Qur'anic Themes Having Inspired 'Abd al-Jalil Qazvini Razi in His Naqd

Dr. Ali Rad [1]

Although the book of Naqd, authored by 'Abd al-Jalil Razi, is a theological book with an argumentative approach, the Qur'an has a serious role in its discussions and there are about three hundred Qur'anic verses quoted in it. Razi has applied these verses in order to reject and falsify the opposite views, or to verify his own opinions, and through a jurisprudential/theological approach he has presented a theological exegesis on the ideological knowledge of the Qur'an. Razi is well aware of the science of exegesis. He has studied the Qur'anic verses based on the exegetic princi-ples of Imamiyyah and the specific principles of the science of exegesis. The issues dealt with in the present research include the principles of the Qur'anic studies, methodology of exegesis, Razi's exegetic and interpretational views, and the Qur'anic/theological instructions found in Naqd.

Key Words: 'Abd al-Jalil Razi, Naqd, the Qur'an, Exegesis, interpretation, principles, method, opinions.


[1] Assistant professor of Tehran University, Qom Campus.