Reintroduction of the 'Abd al-Jalil Razi's...

Hadith Principles and Functions in the Book of Naqd

Mohammad Mahdi Ehsanifar [1]

'Abd al-Jalil Razi, one of the Shiite theologians, wrote the book of Naqd Ba’d Fada’ih al-Rawafid in the second half of the sixth century After Hijrah and through this book, he responded to some of the doubts posed by his contemporary Sunnites against Shiism. He based his debate on more than 270 Qur'anic verses and more than 180 traditions, and presented his discussion in a book of five hundred pages. In this article first, a brief introduction will be presented on 'Abd al-Jalil and his book. Then, the principles of the Hadith discussions launched by him, as a jurisprudence-oriented Shiite, will be analyzed. Next, the Hadith resources used in his book, some of which are no more available, and the material which were provided by Nasir al-Din Razi about their authors will be re-identified. Furthermore, his method and principles in Fiqh al-Hadith (Hadith Scholarship) and Naqd al-Hadith (Hadith Criticism), which reveal the methodical approach of the elder tradition narrators in understanding and critique of traditions, will be discussed. Dirayat al-Hadith in the book of Naqd will be examined in a separate part and it will be concluded that the use of Hadith regulations and terminology in Shiism goes back to Shaid Thani. This part will be followed with an account on the Hadith thought of 'Abd al-Jalil. The article ends with a conclusion and sug-gestions for further research.

Key Words: 'Abd al-Jalil Qazvini Razi, Naqd, debates of the two sects, theology and beliefs, Hadith sciences, methodology.

[1] Researcher in the Research Center of Hadith Sciences and Knowledge, Qom.