Hadith and Hadith Sciences Manuscripts: A Bibliographical Index

Ali Sadrayi-Khuyi

One of the most necessary things for the revival of Shiite hadith works and the sources of the Sunna, is to identify its chain of documents, viz. hadith and hadith sciences manuscripts. Having done this task, the edition, collation, and. publication of such works will become far easier and more consistent. The project was first proposed in Ulum-i Hadith [Hadith Seiences] in 1376 Sh/1997 and has since been practiced at Dar al-Hadith Cultural Institute. It aims to catalogue all manuscripts related to the hadith and hadith sciences. The first step to take is to identify and catalogue the manuscript sources through published bibliographies of libraries. This is to collect all information on any book in one definite place. Since that time the recataloguing of the relevant data in the bibliographies of Iranian libraries has been finished and the output is ready to be computerized. Needless to say, the Qalam software (especial for cataloguing manuscripts) has been devised at the request of Dar al-Hadith in order to give a push to the project in question.

Key Words: Chain of Documents, Hadith and Hadith Sciences Manuscripts, Edition, Collation, Publication.

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